Thrust Area

Our Thrust Area

  1. Health Care Product
  2. Healthcare product design is a specialized field that focuses on creating user-centric solutions to meet the unique needs of the medical sector as a whole as well as individuals. Our designers in this field utilize their expertise and skills in order to innovate and develop products that are safe, effective and intuitive to use, and that cater to the specific requirements of healthcare environments.

  3. Experiential Design
  4. Experiential design is a multidisciplinary approach that prioritizes human-centric environments supportive of positive experiences and enhancing users’ and participants’ well-being. It encompasses the design of environments, products, services and interactions with the goal of eliciting specific emotions, behaviors and perceptions.

  5. Product Ergonomics
  6. Product ergonomics, also known as ergonomic design or human factors engineering is the study and application of designing products to optimize their usability, safety and comfort for human users. It focuses on creating products that effectively fit the needs, abilities and limitations of individuals, taking into account their physical, cognitive and sensory capabilities.

  7. Work Space Design
  8. Workspace design is the process of designing, organizing, and planning a workplace area to optimize employee performance, productivity, safety, and above all, health and wellbeing. It involves the thoughtful consideration and planning of various elements, including layout, furniture, lighting, colors, acoustics and overall ambience. Effective workspace design aims to create an environment that meets the specific needs and goals of the users.