Programme Offered

In design discipline, we follow a multidisciplinary design approach in our programs. That develops a diverse knowledge from social to advanced technical applications of design.
We provide 3 major programs for students as graduation until higher studies.

Bachelor's Of Design

4 Years graduation Program in design.

Master's Of Design

2 Years Post-graduation Program in design.

Doctorate of Philosophy

Doctorate Program in design.

Bachelor of Design (B.Des.)

Bachelor’s of design program at design discipling is completing its 5th year, started in 2015 B.Des aims to provide a holistic perspective of design education to the young designers of the country. The undergraduate curriculum aims at developing designers who are strong in their fundamentals and are ready to venture in any area of design namely product, communication, space, interaction or service design.

B.Des at design discipline is a 4-year full-time program divided into 8 semesters. Starting from the basics of design, arts, and aesthetics our students learn the most advanced and modern design courses such as Interface Design, Industrial design, Service design, Transportation design, Ergonomics, and many others.

With a vision to provide an ecosystem of design to young minds, Our B.Des program is designed such that students can grasp a multidimensional application of methodologies, tools, and analysis in terms of problem-solving and innovation.

Master of Design (M.Des.)

Master’s of design is an elite program as 2 years post-graduation offered at design discipline. Students from various streams such as technical, arts or design backgrounds join every year to excel in their skills and learn the design approach of problem-solving.

We at the design discipline make sure that master’s students are build to match the contemporary organizational standards in both skills and knowledge. Our institute has already proven our student’s in some top industries and has the vision to deliver the same.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Design discipline is a research program. Students who have completed Master's degree in Design (M.Des), Technology (M.Tech)(M.Arc) can join this. This program focuses on research as well as development of skills related to presentation, teaching and other academic activities.